vrijdag 31 mei 2013

Ombré Marathon

If I would still have my long hair, I would defenitly have ombré hair!!
I think colorist will prove me right when I say that this trend is one of the most long lasting trends, it's been here the past summer and will still go on this year... Here in Belgium the trend started kinda late...

The reason why a trend like this can last so long, is because of its variety...
Ombré hair can be done very slightly graduated  like, you "had an awesome summer last year" and your hair has naturally lightened..,
to big contrasts in 4 or more levels tones, 
or even in vibrant fashion colours....

This technique goes with long hair to quit short hairstyles too,
it's also a nice way to have a level of colour that, maybe doesn't really suit your skin tone, but combined with the second tone it works your hairdo...

 *some pictures of Ombre Hair coloured by me:
here you have a very natural effect of lightening lengths 
also super nice in a curly hairdo 

Straight fade

or more contrast on the colour levels, and the position of the graduation is higher

 and a very strong contrast in colour level... (this picture is taken by Dena Huys)
and as for the vibrant Fashion Colours

and the very very vibrant fashion colours

 and when you have a hard time choosing your fashion colour, why not take all....  
                                           RAINBOW HAIR 

 The ombre is best when you start with a colour on the roots thats not too different from your natural tone, as you don't want an outgrowth in your ombre....

Here's my husband Toni Kalin
 curling one of my Ombre Hairs...

As you see, there are so many ways to customize this trend to your own style... At the Bed Head Salon in Antwerp, we work this trend...

(currently my hair is
a blue-grey-ish mohawk)
Working on stage for Tigi Copyright Colour Tour.

Customized, personalized, and colourful hair... ombre hair will stay another summer 4 sure!


3 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik heb me een 'doe-het-zelf' ombre gezet paar maanden geleden, maar zou het mogelijk zijn om deze te laten 'verbeteren' door de kapper? zodat het wat natuurlijker lijkt?

    1. Hey Bieke, je kan altijd eens langst komen om je mogelijkheden te bespreken... Wij zitten in Antwerpen op de steenhouwersvest 34 x

  2. Ik ben van plan om binnenkort eens binnen te springen voor info over kleuren en ombre. maar een klein vraagje vooraf, omdat ik vooral de heel natuurlijke, sunkissed-look met veel diepte leuk vind, werken jullie ook met ombre-highlights? x