maandag 20 mei 2013

pastels ❤

I have a great life!
My job let's me be creative and I've already had so many amazing trips around the world 
because of this job... 
The things I see and experience is a big influence on my work...
My job is to make people happy,
we let people feel good about themselves.
And the best part of it,
 I get to share this with my husband! 

I mainly work at the Bed Head Salon in Antwerp, and sometimes a client asks for pastel hair,
 I love doing pastels!
I think it looks awesome in rooths on a full bleach or even in natural hair,
here are some examples: 

Short haircut bleached with pink pastel roots
Formule: Tigi Copyright Colour : 10.08 (20gr) + 2cm 0/55 + 0.5cm 4.2 + 8,5 volume 

Long hair bleached with blue pastel roots

I've always loved a nice bleach...
Many people still say its bad for hair, but when properly done you can have a nice, shiny and healthy result,
I will do a whole blog on bleaching soon...

Long natural hair with greenish ends

and one more Long bleached hair with purple roots

and here as full color in short hair purple pinkish

It's formally known that pastels wash out, great!
...sure you don't want to stick to one color to long...
you can change the tone of your pastel, or enjoy the fact that your hair is back to normal after...
So you understand why i love pastels, it's subtle and still a little crazy at the same time.

This is me and Toni in Bangkok, we both rock the grey tones ✌


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