maandag 17 juni 2013

Bleach ❤ True Light

I have been bleaching my hair for years, and still, it's soft, healthy and has a nice shine!
The Tigi Copyright True Light Bleaching powder is AWESOME!!
It contains an amount of Aloë Vera to protect the hair during the lightening process
 and chamomile to calm the scalp..
To bleach always work with 20volume maximum, if necessary you can do it twice.
The trick is to not bleach the Hair till white, Just bleach till you reached the prefered level....
 And then neutralize...

Here I have a before and after I did at the Salon,
She came in with colored hair at level 6-7 and wanted white hair to go with her complexion. 
I bleached her to a level 9 - 10 pale yellow.
To tone the yellow you have several tones in the Tigi Copyright Colour range.
Formula: 10.02 (30gr) + 10.08 (20gr) + 10.28 (4gr) + /2 (1cm) + 5 volume

Before you start a bleaching process I recommend that you talk with your stylist!
All results depend on your Hair history and the condition your Hair is in...

The ultimate rule in any kind of hair coloring is to maintain the health of the Hair!!!

I get a lot of Emails of clients I never seen before asking about their possibilities of changing colour,
Unfortunately I can't give many advice before seeing and (even more important) feeling the Hair....

You Wanna know my true secret in maintaining my Hair in perfect condition?
Tigi S-Factor SERIOUS Conditioner 💘
There's no way around it, it calms my scalp, feeds my Hair 
and makes my day with the unbelievable lovely scent....    

Here's a bleach I did at the Bed Head Salon in Antwerp
disconnected with the undercut that is her natural hair colour...
Toni is finishing of her look for the weekend... 

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  1. After I had my hair burnt after bleaching, I'm more cautious with all chemical products and here is a lightener which has a very gentle formula for safe and effective lightening It IS AWESOME!