dinsdag 11 juni 2013

~ Start Thinking in Colour ~

~ Start Thinking in Colour ~

If I could have the hair of my dream it would be this.... Long, wavy, perfectly bleached and blue toned hair....

a girl can dream.... 

The last days have been crazy at the bed Head Salon , maybe due to the unexpected nice weather?

I did some blue hair

Tigi Copyright colour Formula: (on full bleach) 
10.08 (20gr.) + /1 (3cm) + /8 (1cm) + 5 volume 
here I played with the processing time to have a debt in the colour that matches the haircut. 

The Tigi Copyright Activator 5 volume has arrived!!!
The collection is completed! 

For Belgium the Tigi Copyright Activator 5 Volume is already deliverable!! 
... contact your regional Tigi Agent ... 

I love it when a client wants an extreme colour,
 the challenge is to keep it clean and tasty...

here is my aqua-blue-green-pink-ashy ombré,
my man Toni Kalin is finishing up the cut.

Detail of the graduation

Hope the sun stays a while...
Love doing all these special colours,
and I dyed my hair white again....


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