maandag 5 mei 2014

Summertime Pink Madness

Can you feel it? Summer is coming up!!

Magazines and fashion blogs have already predicted pink hair to be the Feel Good Hit of the Summer!!!

I just ❤️ doing pinks and I find it my responsibility to give each client a customised pink colour!!

A strawberry, Peach and Mandarine Sorbet....

Here I worked with 2 different formulas blending the lenghts with both of the colours

Roots: 9.4 + 10.28 +/55 + 20vol
Lenghts: 9.4 + 8.34 + 66/44 + 0/03 + 20vol
Develope time 35min

A very soft pink glow with light baby bleu shadings

And a subtile bohemian peachy blossom ombre

And one more ombre from natural hair colour roots to a very soft pastel graduation 

A more vibrant Pinky rainbow braid 

Sure pink is my Favorite colour, but you must admit that a woman who can wear short green hair is damn sexy!!!

My hair is actualy growing, soon I will post a blog on All my different Do's and colours, but as for now, I have a green-pink ombre

Have a great summer !!!! 🌸

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