zondag 5 oktober 2014

Pastelhair part ||

End of summer already.... 

Here's some of the latest pastel works
done at the salon
We love giving each client a personalized color. 

Natural Hair with several pastel colorblend locks

Mixing Tigi Copyright Colour blue, lavender and grey shades

Sorbet pinky ombre

I always enjoy the sight of the colors blending while rinsing 

Working with the new Tigi Copyright Colour purple and red shades
Roots: 55/22 + 8,5vol
Blending through with the 
lengths: 9/4 (20gr) + /002 (10gr) + 66/65 (2cm) + /55 (1cm)
 +8,5vol (30gr) + 20vol (15gr)
Process time: 35min

 Colour blocking  

Adding a blue formula after bleaching  (to a clean and still yellow base level 9-10)...

... Gives Mermaid Hair as result 💚

And finally my Hair has grown to the perfect lenght :-)
I did a slightly greenish roothcolor to blend with my Peach, yess did it myself and messed up the whole bathroom whilst doing so... 
The curls done by my sweetest husband  


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