zaterdag 21 maart 2015


So much has happened since my last post!! So much I want to share with you, and it's called OLAPLEX!

Olaplex test 1


step1 : Bleaching with Tigi copyright Colour TrueLight White & Olaplex

Roots: Tigi Copyright Colour True Light White + 20vol + Olaplex nr1

Let me repeat this, do not, ever, put a higher developer to the scalp than 20vol! 

Lengths: Tigi Copyright Colour True Light White + 30vol + Olaplex nr1
(leaving out the already light tips)
Repeated on the lengths with 20vol + olaplex to make the level more smooth

rinse hair thoroughly

Step 2: toning

I used : Tigi Copyright Colour Gloss
10/02 (40gr) + 9/21 (15gr) + 10/08 (15gr) + 8,5 vol + olaplex nr1

rinse hair thoroughly

Step 3: apply desired Color + olaplex nr1

rinse hair thoroughly

Step 4:
Apply Bond Nr2
Leave in between 10-20min

rinse hair thoroughly

Step 5:
Shampoo en condition


Amazing color transformation without any breakage or damage! 
It's a colorists dream... Pushing the boundary's just that little bit more.
Do take in mind that this process takes time and whole lot of perfectly balancing out your formulas! 

                   Olaplex Test 2


Bleached, toned & colored with Tigi Copyright Colour

For these kind of color works, your Colorist needs to know your color history!
On the first visit to a new stylist, be honest!
We ask a lot of questions, this to give you the best results and right treatment.
Remember, the bleach wont lie, it will create a color timeline, so it's best that you inform your stylist up front!
The colorist will always advise you in to what color suits you best 

and if your lifestyle can match the colors needs.
Process and results of your visit depends on your background and wish...
So please always book a consultation for ANY color issue or price calculation.


Sinds kort werken we bij Toni Kalin Salons met Olaplex. Dit geweldig product wordt toegevoegd bij de kleuring en voorkomt schade tijdens het kleur proces, beter zelfs, het zal kleine scheurtjes in je haar ook weer herstellen! Klinkt als magie, toch?!
Dankzij Olaplex kunnen we je limieten verleggen! 
Echter is het wel zo dat je kleur proces langer duurt. 
Wil je graag meer weten of wil je weten wat bij jou kan? 
Spring gerust eens binnen voor vrijblijvend advies over je droomhaar!
Een Olaplex kleuring kan enkel op afspraak.

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