zondag 15 maart 2015

Root stretch & Balayage

It has so many names, balayage, hand painted, foiled, ombré balayage, meshes, babylights, highlighted, it's even called tortoise shell and ecaille, whatever, I love doing them all!

Detail of hand painted balayage

In these techniques, it's you as colorist who decides where the lightning will fall through the hair, so you can really create a personalized hair color.
If you manage to balance your colors well, you can be sure that even when the new growth starts coming through, the hair and color will still look natural, as I'll always make sure my base color will blend with the new growth.
 Its a strange sight to have a contrasting new growth in a root stretch.

Root stretched with soft ombré balayage

Root stretched ombré balayage

Hand painted balayage 

Root stretched with foiled highlights

Soft balayage shadings

Root stretched with soft coper shades handpainted balayage 

Soft balayage ombré 

Handpainted balayage

Soft root stretch with soft highlighted warm tones

Soft ombré balayage

Strong ombré balayage 

Detail of hand painted balayage

Here's me teaching how to hand paint balayage

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