woensdag 23 maart 2016

How to get pastel hair in 10 minutes.

Pastel hair, granny hair, denim hair, lavender hair, silver hair, pink hair,... we all love this trend!
The internet is full of it. 
And yes, even I as colorist have my inspirational searches on the Internet.

But here's the truth about some of those lovely colors on the net:

Original picture vs. photoshopped 

Original picture vs. photoshopped

Original vs. photoshop

But what triggers me the most to writing this blog are the latest trends as granny hair, silver hair and denim hair:

Original vs. photoshop

Original vs. photoshop

What the Internet doesn't tell you, 
pastel colors like silver, grey or blue are only to be done on perfectly white bleached hair! 
I repeat this again!
If the canvas isn't white, your color will turn out greenish, brassy and believe me, ugly!!!

Original picture vs. photoshopped 

Original picture vs. photoshopped

Original vs. photoshop

Photoshop can help you get the colours that, somethimes, aren't even realistic, 
an other way to get it in 10minutes are wigs:

Or extensions:

And to top it of with my favorite example:
Original vs. photoshop vs. photoshop

None of the pictures above have the wright canvas to really create these colors, that's what I am trying to make you see...

You still want pastel hair? 
I understand that!
 I have been changing my pastel colors for years now and I love it!

Here I am, colored by my magician college Kelly Buytaert, head colorist of Toni Kalin Salons 
We understand your pastel dream!
So if you don't have the right canvas yet?

Don't book a single color session if you want your brown, blond, copper or any not-white-color turned into pastel,
come visit us for consultation first!

Together we can work out the progress suitable for your hair.

 I hope you understand more of our

I'll see you at the salon first for your personal consultation ✌🏻

~None of these pictures are mine, I am not responsabele for the Photoshop on these.
All pictures where found on the internet~
(Exept the picture of my face, that picture was made by my husband :-)

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  1. Hey Stephanie, Zeer mooi artikel. Ik ga het delen op onze pagina. Ik hoop dat klanten dan beter gaan begrijpen hoe het werkt... Lots of love, Peter x

  2. Hi! I was wondering what Tigi bleach you prefer.. true light or true light white? I have naturally very pale but fairly warm blonde hair and I have been bleaching it a cool white blonde for years now. I have used Tigi in the past and would like to try it again but I was wondering which of these provides a better lift or if they are pretty much the same other than the added purple toning (which I will always tone my hair after the bleaching regardless). Thank you so much for your help.. you're so talented btw!!

    1. Hi hannah, I would always recommand a toner after bleaching, even if its only to add some more shine to the hair... but as for your question, i love using both, the white one feels softer on the scalp, i use this one on me, the blue one will neutralize more during the bleach, so if you have a lot of natural warmth, i would go for the blue one.... :)

  3. Hi hannah, i appreciate you for sharing with us it is really awesome to get such information

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