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Colour Trip

 12 intermixable, long-lasting, semi-permanent haircolour shades for rebellious colours
 lasting up to 20 shampoos
 Cocktail and create anything from electric, vibrant tones with intense shine 
through to punked out pastels.

I will start of this blog by showing what I did in the Bed Head Antwerp Salon with Colour Trip: 

pinked out

This color was applied onto a perfectly white base, 
She was bleached with Tigi Copyright Colour True Light White and toned with the amazing all gloss formula :

10/02 + 10/08 + 5 volume

After I applied the Colour Trip unto towel dry hair.
I intermixed : 
violet with pink for the roots
yellow and pink for the mid- lengths
yellow-pink and clear for the ends
all blended with the fingers for a softer graduation in the color
processing for 25 min

After rinsing the color I applied my favorite hair conditioner

So here's the 12 different shades.
These are all intermixable for endlessly creating new tones! 
The clear shade is used to pastelize your color. 

Cocktail and create anything from electric,
vibrant tones with intense shine
to punked out pastels

Blue to purple colorfade:

                              This girl was pre bleached unto a level 7-8 and no toner applied!

                                                             So exited about this color!

After the bleach I toned down the yellow with the Fashionista Violet shampoo and conditioner...
These are amazing!
Unlike other violet shampoos these don't dry out the hair, no, instead they give a nice treatment to the previously bleached hair and take out any brassiness.

                                    I applied the Colour Trip formulas on towel dry hair

Root : blue 3/4 + violet 1/4

Lengths : violet 3/4 + blue 1/4 + clear 1/8
Blended in the middle

Process time 25 min 
Rinse and treated with the Serious Conditioner.

So happy with this result!
 I have never seen a blue and violet stick so well to the hair when not bleached to white!
Imagine the endless creations you can make now without having to bleach the sh*t out of the hair...

Teal hair 
Bleached and toned to white and left the roots to create shadow

Formula lengths: blue + green 
                             ends: blue + green + clear
After rinsing I applied Tigi Copyright Colour 4/1 creative onto roots with 5 volume on wet hair to create a colder shadow root to blend with the teal lengths. 

My first impression, while applying the color, was instantly feeling the hair soften, 
especially right after a bleach!
Formulated with
Hydrolized Keratin and Coconut Oil, 
the gentle acidic formula helps close the hair's cuticle.

Lavender love
This was clearly a perfect white bleach.
Applied on wet hair I played around with the pink, blue and yellow differently mixed into the violet and all diluted with the clear.
The most vibrant mix applied on the ends.

Tigi customized show in Taiwan
Toni and I where invited to participate in the Tigi customized show in Taipei. 
My part was to color our 5 models with Colour Trip.
This was an amazing opportunity for me, the first time I went on such a big stage with such an amazingly talented hairdressing team!
 If you're a hairdresser, you should definitely go to the Taipei Tigi Academy for some courses, these people are amazing!!

Here's some of the images of my colors in this show

1000+ hairdressers from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and Korea attended the 2016 TIGI ©USTOMIZED SHOW in Taiwan.
 Ralf Boss, TIGI Creative Director and the Taiwan Creative Team were joined by Gen Itoh from London, Renee Valerie from New York, Toni and Stephanie Kalin from the Bed Head Concept Salon, Antwerp and the TIGI Asia Collective to deliver the latest ideas from BED HEAD, Colour Trip and Copyright Colour.
The Asian guests left with great information and inspiration to take back and utilize in their own salons.

Here's me at the Tigi Academy Taipei.
Toni just colored and blow dried my hair 💙
My formula is pure blue on roots, 
Lengths to ends 3/4 blue + 1/4 green

So you must understand that I am deeply in love with Bed Head Colour Trip
Now the question remains:

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