woensdag 28 juni 2017

Pastel Hair Part IV YELLOW MOOD

It's been a while since my last post, so i thought it would be time to share some of my newest colorings, and as most of you know, i have a strong connection to pastel hair coloring...

So lately i've been using stronger and more vibrant details to my colorings,
 and YELLOW ( yep yellow ) is my new favorite, all yellows, neon yellow, soft yellow, lime yellow, vintage yellow...

When clients come to me on consultation for pastel hair, and i mention the word YELLOW they quickly freak out....

But it can be used in a subtile way too....

And it goes with so many other color combinations

I love to use it to separate two contrasting colors

I've been placing the yellow band on eye height to accent the eyes, I just love doing this placing technique so much it's has become a signature to my work

And if you are brave enough, just go for it

Here is a picture of me giving a course in pastel hair for Schwarzkopf Spectrum in the Netherlands

All these pictures are mine 
made with my I Phone

Hope you like yellow now, just a little bit is already a good start :)

Colors used: Pravana Vivids, Tigi Colourtrip, Schwarzkopf Pro Colorworx, J Beverly Hills.
Olaplex was always added to the colors (duh)

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